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“Half Asleep” now available on iTunes

This month’s new single, “Half Asleep”, can now be found on iTunes as well as on Bandcamp and, of course, here on our own site.

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We Are Now One Arctic One

We have so much to tell you!

We’ve been working with producer/engineer Shawn Penner (Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas) on a series of songs that we’ll be releasing over the fall. Our first new track is “Happiness vs. Sadness”. You can listen to it on our Music page, and find out more about upcoming songs and how to get them…

– With the name change from ARCTIC to One Arctic One, we’ve had to switch away from our old Facebook page, as Facebook won’t let you change your page name if you have too many fans. We’re having a housewarming party at our new Facebook page,, and we hope you’ll come join us there!

– Our Twitter username is changing too. If you’re already following us, you’ll see us appear in your Timeline as @onearcticone. If you’re not following us yet, maybe you should?

– This website is also shiny and new, and has a mobile-friendly version. If anything on the site gives you any trouble, please let us know.

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